2012 Mini Sessions!


Why mini sessions?

    My fall schedule is very busy and I’m unable to photograph all the families that inquire with me. This is a way to squeeze in all my clients so you have fabulous photos for your holiday cards!

How is this different from a regular session?

    It’s is about 1/3 of the time of a regular session, only one location and you get a lot less images than a regular session yields. It’s perfect for those who want a few great shots of the their kids for the Holidays. 

What if my child(ren) doesn’t cooperate?
   This is always a possibility so I bring a “bag of tricks” and a fabulous assistant to help. If your child is exceptionally shy or doesn’t take well to new people, you’re always welcome to bring a family member or friend to help. You know your child best and how they will react to a new person with a big camera 🙂
Who does it include?
    Mini sessions are for immediate families only (up to five people) and dogs are always welcome. However, you may want to bring a family member or friend to watch your pup unless you want your pet in all the images. 
How do I book?
    The sessions are a first come, first serve basis and you’re officially booked when I receive payment. Email me at info@lt-photos.com to set up your session. Times are in thirty minute slots and when you email, I will let you know all available time spots. If possible, try to choose the time that is best for your child (ie: not during nap time). 

What happens if I’m running late?

    Time slots are on a strict 30 minute schedule so please, please, please don’t be late. Any late time will just mean less time spent shooting. Arriving a bit early is always a great idea!
What happens if it rains?
    Hopefully it doesn’t rain but there is always a chance. November 3rd or 4th is the backup date in case of bad weather. 
How long does it take to get the images back?
    I will have the packaged discs out in the mail within two weeks of shooting.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions I didn’t answer above. If the sessions book up really quickly, I will possibly open up another date for mini’s.

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