Adley May | Children [9 months old]

So I clearly haven’t been keeping up with the blog. It’s been 11 months to the date since I blogged! Ooops! I had every intention of doing so but life happened and then I had a ridiculously cute kid and well, that kind of took over everything. My absence is not for lack of work…I’ve been working my tail off in the last 11 months but most of my working was geared towards making sure my clients had beautiful images with a short turnaround time and the blog took the backseat. No promises as to if I’ll keep it up but I can promise that I want to! I love blogging and sharing the beautiful love I get to witness and capture in life. I figure Adley’s 9 month session is the perfect place to start back up!

I simply adore this girl and I knew I would considering her parents are quite amazing! I love them to pieces and I think Miss Adley knows that because every time I see her, she is so warm and friendly to me. Even letting me squeeze and love on her just a bit. This sweet girl is two days older than my little guy so I feel like I’m talking to Andrea constantly to ask questions and share funny stories. Andrea, Tony and Adley even came to see us in the hospital hours after our son was born to introduce their new daughter to him on their way home. This is true friendship folks!! And our babies are no different! I am so excited to watch these two grow together and hopefully be in the same class together (hurry that move up Alexander’s!!)

Anyway, on to Adley’s 9 month photo session!!!




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