Amela + Damir | Married [St. Louis Wedding Photography]

Amela + Damir were married on June 29, 2012…also known as the hottest day in St. Louis. Shockingly, Amela didn’t show one sign of sweat or being hot….she just looked stunning all day long. I adore the details of the reception and the sweet people I spent the day photographing. 
Amela + Damir chose to encorporate Bosnian traditions into their wedding day. Damir was outside waiting for Amela through a crowd of their family members while Amela’s brother walked her outside to him. 
As I understood it, the best man negotiated with Amela’s brother to purchase a shoe. Once the price was agreed upon, he walked Amela to Damir. It was such a cool tradition to witness!
The ceremony was held at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was condensed into about 4-5 minutes due to the extreme heat. And it was extreme!
Such a beautiful wedding!

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