Andrea + Tony | Expecting

It’s always super exciting for me to get a call or email from Andrea to talk about a photo session. I’ve photographed these two so many times but this time is even more exciting because they are expecting their baby girl in about five weeks. I have grown very close to Andrea and Tony since I shot their engagement photos almost four years ago. The last session I did for them, Andrea found out she was pregnant that very day! And as it turns out, I am due exactly one week after her. It’s been so amazing having someone going through almost the exact same symptoms as you that you can talk to about it all.

I can’t wait until we’re meeting up for play dates and dinner dates with our families so very soon!

I’ve seen the love between Andrea and Tony grow closer and closer with each time I photograph them. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like in a few weeks when I photograph them with their baby girl at home. I am so terribly excited to meet this baby and see how in love her parents are!

Here are some of my favorites of Andrea and Tony (and Colby and Molly!) waiting on Miss Adley May!




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