Angela + Brad | Married

I met Angela about four years ago while I was working as an internal/external auditor for a firm in Missouri (I know, I know…accounting to photography…seems SO strange!). She was the marketing coordinator for the firm and I noticed her kindness right away. Years after I had no longer worked as an auditor, I heard from Angela that she was getting married. Meeting her with Brad I knew he was just as kind and really adored her. During engagement photos this observation only grew stronger…these two are really in love and were so excited for their wedding. 
This wedding day was absolute perfection! I had never been to Chester, IL and trusted Brad and Angela to choose all the locations we would be photographing at and man…they killed it! Picking amazing locations that had me so very excited. Their family and bridal party was so fun and so excited for their marriage which, in my opinion, makes the feeling of the wedding day so spectacular!

While I was with the ladies, Tommy hung out with the guys where they drank beer and played bags…perfect prep for a wedding day!

My view…

Tommy’s view…

Love Tommy’s shot on the right with their church in the background

Another perfect shot by Tommy 🙂

Funny story…right before these photos while I was setting up my camera for these shots, I got stung by a bee. And I’m mildly allergic to bees (I swell and go numb)…and my arm went numb…my shooting arm. But I moved on and got these beautiful shots. My oh my, the life of a photographer being put in harm’s way. Okay I’m done being dramatic!




Someone…cough*Tommy*cough…must have forgotten to take behind the scenes shots this wedding…

The little proof I was there…

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