a bit about your
photography experience

What can I expect during a session?
My style is simple and organic. I want to capture you in your natural element. My favorite images of my clients are when mom and dad are tickling their baby, girls are laughing with their fiancés, parents getting sweet kisses from their toddler and couples playing with their energetic dog. My goal is to freeze time and capture the special moments that show the bond between you and your loved ones so there is lots of interacting with your family or fiancé in front of my camera.
How long does a session last and how many images will I receive?
Portrait sessions usually last an hour, depending on the participation of those involved, and can be in one or multiple locations. If you have a spot that holds a special memory for your family or just somewhere you love to go together, I'd love to hear your ideas. However, if you are completely stumped on where to take the photos, I have lots of ideas in IL and MO that are great!

Family sessions result in approximately 75+ edited images of color and black+white images. For weddings, you can expect about 75 images per hour of shooting.
What should we wear for our session?
This is by far the most commonly asked question. Bright colors photograph really well and add a fun and playful element to your photos. For large groups, denim on the bottom with bright colors on top looks great and is a simple way to coordinate everyone. Patterns are good but limit them to 2-3 people. Babies look great wrapped in a blanket, wearing a simple tee, or a cute hat.

I think it's important to stay true to your style when photographed. If you love a super trendy outfit or have a favorite pair of boots, by all means, wear them! If your child has a favorite teddy bear or blanket...bring it with you! Not only will it make your child feel comfortable, it will be meaningful for you when you look back on the pictures in 10 years.

Whether your style is simple, trendy or vintage, I encourage you to wear what you are comfortable in and will best illustrate your personality! Wardrobe changes are perfectly fine if you want to switch things up a bit too.

If your'e still stumped on what to wear, I've created some Pinterest boards for families and couples to help you when choosing your clothes.
How do I reserve my session date?
Email me to set something up and we will work together to come up with a time and location that reflects your family. I will contact you a few days before your session to confirm. At the end of your sessoin, your total session fee will be due. Check and cash payments are acceptable forms of payment. Also, repeat clients get a special discount :)
I am pregnant but not due for several months. When do I need to contact you to set up newborn photos?
I put your estimated due date on my calendar as soon as I hear from you. Of course we don't know for sure when baby will make his/her arrival but it gives me a good idea of how my schedule will look around that time. I'm flexible to come to your home at a time that works best for your family. So it definitely doesn't hurt to email me as soon as you start thinking about booking!

It's best to take newborn photos when your newborn is 3-10 days old. They are still so tiny that they sleep great through wardrobe and position changes. However, I'm happy to come when it's best for your family depending on your situation.
I have ideas for what I want for my session. Can I make special requests?
Of course! I am happy to chat with you about anything you want for your session or wedding photos. I always meet with brides a few weeks before the wedding to go over a timeline for the day and always ask if there is anything specific you're wanting. It gives me a good chance to get a good grasp on anything unique or special to you on your wedding day.
How do I reserve LTP to photograph our wedding day?
I will hold your wedding date until I receive another inquiry for the date. At that time, to formally reserve the date, I ask for a deposit and a signed contract and you're officially booked!

I only commit to a limited number of weddings every year to ensure my clients get the very best service. So don't wait to contact me about your wedding no matter how far away the date is. Once my special number of weddings are booked, I don't take anymore!
When should we plan to take engagement photos?
This is totally up to you and your taste. If you're having a fall wedding, you might want spring or summer engagement photos and vice versa. I am totally flexible!
I really want to be able to print my images where ever I want. Can I do this after my session?
Every session and every wedding comes with a fully edited disc of images with a release for high resolution printing and social media use. Translation: You can print them at your leisure and share on Facebook. This is included in your session fee so there is no hidden cost after the session to get your disc.

However, I do recommend printing from mpix.com rather than any one hour lab. After all, your'e paying for custom photography...the prints hanging in your home should reflect that. I do offer prints as well though if you prefer to purchase through me.
How long does it take to get our images back?
Photography is my full time job and my turn around time reflects that. Sessions are edited and back you within 2-3 weeks and weddings take about 4-6 weeks. Within a few days of your session or wedding, I will post a preview on Facebook and within the above time frames, I will write a blog with a sneak peek of images from your session or wedding.