Elsa is One! | Children

Mary (aka Elsa’s Mommy) is one of those people that I feel like I’ve known forever, but I don’t really know. I met her as we were both planning weddings within a few months of one another and then again kept up with each other through the blog world. I can tell you she is just as sweet and funny as she is in text. I officially met her when I took Miss Elsa’s newborn photos. Having clients contact me to photograph them over and over again is the best compliment in the world! I adore seeing them and wish it were more often. Conversation is so easy and I know Tommy and Jason would have some great beer conversation!
Check out Elsa’s tea party with her sweet brother Levi…it’s heart melting!!
Someone got caught eating a scone!
Can’t wait to see this family again!! Cheers!

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