Good Things Come in 3’s

My dad is an encyclopedia of quotes and advice. There are a few sayings that particularly stick out in my mind:

1. Pay now, or pay later = work hard early in life and you can retire early
2. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar = don’t yell at AT&T when they mess up your bill because if you tell them nicely that you’re upset with your service, you’ll get a month free service.
3. Good things always come in 3’s.
The third saying always reminds me to find the good. Find it in everyday things and I think it has made me a happier, positive person.

That being said, yesterday I found three very good things that I’m elated about.

1. A new, fresh blog appearance that better represents my brand…but you have to come out of Google Reader to see it!
2. New business purchases – new laptop and upgraded software to Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3
3. AND a new product I’m offering for clients with every photography session. A video slideshow set to music. This is so exciting for me because so many times I load photos of a recent session, I think of a particular song and wish my blog readers and clients could hear the playlist as they are viewing the new photos. So excited that my love of music is combined with my love of art.
That being said, I give you the Warren Family photo slideshow…

Warren Family Slideshow from Lynsey Tedesco on Vimeo.



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