This session was so much fun! Jacob is a great guy and was so laid back and easy going. When I talked to his Mom about Jacob’s  senior photos, she said he has one request “to have his old, crappy truck in the photos.” I, of course, immediatelly got really excited and she informed me that it’s not a cool, vintage truck, that it was really a P.O.S. The truck used to belong to Jacob’s grandpa and he wanted to pay tribute to him by taking photos with the truck. See what I mean about what a great guy Jacob is?? I thought this was super sweet and some of the truck images ended up being my favorites.
Jacob_blog edit-01
Jacob_blog edit-03
Jacob_blog edit-02
Jacob_blog edit-04
Jacob_blog edit-05
Jacob_blog edit-11
Jacob_blog edit-06
Jacob_blog edit-10
Jacob_blog edit-07
This is my favorite. Check out how his eyes just pop!
Jacob_blog edit-08
Jacob_blog edit-09
Jacob_blog edit-12
Jacob_blog edit-14
Jacob_blog edit-15
Jacob_blog edit-16
Jacob, I hope you have an amazing senior year!

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