Jason, Allison, Henry + Lily | Family

A referral from a former client is probably the biggest compliment you can receive as a small business owner. I don’t do any advertising so word of mouth is invaluable to me. Mary sent my contact info to Allison for their family photos and I knew if Allison was anything like Mary, we’d get along great. Turns out, she’s just as awesome! These kids were so well behaved and sweet I could have photographed them all morning. When I was leaving, sweet little Henry even said, without being prompted by Mom + Dad nonetheless, “Thank you Lynsey!!” Lily was her adorable self and was all smiles for her Grandma who was in town. These kids clearly adore their parents and I think these photos tell a perfect story of that. Enjoy!!
Three generations 🙂
Note to photographers: Always, always, always take a photo of Mom + Dad during a family session!
Quite possibly the sweetest reflection of the love between siblings…

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