Julianne may just be the sweetest, kindest person I’ve ever met. I knew within a few minutes of meeting her over coffee that she seemed like the type that would be a kindergarten teacher…and guess what? She is! Julianne and her mother have showered me with kindness and made me feel like a part of their family…their huge family. Julianne is the oldest of six! Julianne and Dustin’s family and friends were just like them; kind and selfless. I’ve never seen a group of people so excited for two people to be in love and married. I cannot say enough good things about this group of people! I was honored to be a part of their day!

Julianne’s bridesmaids and family showered her with gifts the morning of her wedding. Here is the ‘something blue’ she was given by her sister, Katie.

 Her dad stepped in when it was time to give the gift of ‘something old.’ He told the story about his mother and how she wanted Julianne to have these pillowcases she made herself. Her dad told a beautiful story that had me in tears! Good thing I had my camera to hide behind!

 Mr. + Mrs. White!!

 She is a classic beauty!

Cheers to Julianne + Dustin! Best wishes you two!


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