Julie + Ron | Engaged

Hello again to all my loyal blog readers ☺ Thanks for sticking by me and continuing to read despite how painfully slow the last few months have been. I have been enjoying my amazing family, my wonderful husband, my sweet Ozzy pup, and my fun friends the past few months. We’ve been to exciting parties, exceptional concerts,  birthday trip to Chicago and have had numerous delicious meals out. All the things I give up from April-November during my busiest season. I wouldn’t give up a minute of the time behind my camera and computer but it is fun to indulge in the months where it feels like I’m a stay at home wife…even if it is just for a few months a year!
Now on to the good stuff…why you’re here anyway right? Julie + Ron were my first engagement session of 2012 and let me tell you, they are perfection! So fun, madly in love and when I say they are the funnest (that totally is not a word is it??) people to be around, I really mean it. If they were nervous at all before the session, I was completely blind to it because they were so comfortable. Maybe not with the camera, but with each other, they were comfortable. While driving home from their session, I had a smile on my face. While editing the session, I had a smile on my face. And wouldn’t you know that while I write this right now, I have a big smile on my face. Couples like Julie and Ron remind me about the magic in a wedding and the incredible honor I am given to document that. I am so lucky! 2012 is going to be an amazing year…I am going to bask in the beauty of all the love I get to witness this year!
Can you imagine how stunning Julie will be on her wedding day?? 
Cutest laugh ever!!

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