Julie + Ron | Married [Washington, MO Wedding Photography]

Julie and Ron are two of the sweetest, smiliest people you’ll ever meet. Julie designed every single paper item in the wedding: the flags on the straws, the programs, the cupcake flags, the card box, the name tags for the dessert…all Julie’s babies and she did a phenomenal job. And if you know Julie and Ron, you’ll understand that this wedding was a total reflection of them. From the bright, happy colors to the cute wording on the cupcake flags and signature drink board. This day was perfection and I was sad at the end of the night for Tommy and I to leave because this group was so much fun!

I adore Julie’s laugh 

These two ladies had SUCH amazing voices

If you have the opportunity to take family photos outside, I highly recommend it. 

Ready for Julie’s awesome reception details???

Julie’s dance with her Dad was so sweet

It was so much fun getting to know you two and your beautiful families! 



Intense face…

Watching their same day edit 🙂

Tom uses ninja moves to get the shot

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