Melanie + Brian | Engaged

These two will forever be the clients I laughed the hardest with at our first meeting. They are a seriously hysterical and fun couple. We had to reschedule our initial session due to rain and I am so thrilled we chose last Friday…it was gorgeous and about 60 degrees at 9am. Perfection! These two were fabulous to photograph and interacted so sweetly together. Always laughing and smiling. This is the best perk of my job…seeing first hand how people love one another.
Soulard is always an interesting place but on this particular morning, we saw a lot of funny stuff. My favorites were a couple getting into a serious fight in front of the laundromat and making a huge scene right as we walked by and feeling a man following us and finally stopping me to ask if I could take his photos.  He stopped us for about 5 minutes (which felt like an hour) to write down his name, number, the words “pictures” and  “thank you.” Like I said, always interesting in Soulard.

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