Parker | Newborn

I was completely shocked when I got an email from Jennifer less than two weeks after her maternity photos telling me their sweet boy had arrived four weeks early! To say I was excited to shoot these newborn photos is a huge understatement. Being five weeks away from my own due date, cuddling on a sweet, squishy newborn was a dream! Parker was a total champ and slept through his entire session. Never heard a peep from him through various changes in poses, background set ups, and wardrobe changes. Although I’m told that his reputation isn’t so hot at midnight.

Talking to Jenn and Shawn about their baby and how beautiful his birthday was, truly makes me fall in love all over again with what I do. Seeing the excitement and love through the eyes of new parents is something that never gets old to me. I always love my job but days like this are a really great reminder that I’m doing what I was meant to do because of how much I love it.

So thanks to Jennifer and Shawn for sharing your squishy newborn with me for a few hours. Can’t wait to see you all again in three months!

When your Daddy is a music producer, it’s only fitting to put headphones on a newborn…



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