Remington Ann | Newborn

Deep breath. This is an emotional one to write. The people in those photos aren’t just friends to me, they’re my family. I’m an emotional person, but seeing your best friend grow through pregnancy and transition so seamlessly into being a mother is truly beautiful and something I will always remember about her. It changed the way I look at her. I always look at Trish with adoration but now seeing her be a Mom is one of my favorite things about her.  Not to forget about sweet Adam who is so inlove with his daughter it’s heart melting. He’s so amazing with her and I am so proud of them. My friends did really, really good here.

Remington is loved and adored by so many people…she’s lucky to be raised around such a positive, happy place.  I can’t wait to see what traits of her parents she will have. She obviously looks just like her Daddy but will she act like her Mama? I was at the hospital to photograph Remi’s entrance into the world (and I will share those later) but first I had to blast the interwebs with a truly gorgeous little one at six days old!

[Ladies, beware…she is known to cause extensive baby fever!] 

Love you Remi! 
[Happy two week Birthday sweet girl!]
Auntie L

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