Summer + George | Married

Summing up how special these two people are to me is going to be difficult, so sit back and enjoy the story! About seven years ago, I was sitting in my house nervously awaiting Tommy to pick me up. It was the night I would meet all his closest friends and I was sick to my stomach scared. He assured me that all would be fine on the way to a house party (Baker’s!) and I  really tried to believe him. When I walked in the door, I remember being greeted by Summer in the warmest way. Her adorable, contagious smile was the calm favor I needed to feel at home. A lot of time has passed since that night but I distinctly remember how kind she was to me that first night when I was so nervous.

Years passed and Summer and George met and fell in love! They are always fun and so happy together. As life goes, they were surprised with a sweet baby girl and I photographed her newborn session in 2009. It was my first session with a newborn and Peyton was so kind to me.

When George proposed I was so excited once again to hear from Summer. We scheduled family photos/engagement pics and again, life happens and Summer found out she was expecting baby girl #2 a few months before their September wedding. So we turned the family and engagement photos into family/engagement AND maternity photos and in March, I took Madelyn’s newborn photos!

I truly admire George and Summer for their amazing relationship and how great they are doing raising two beautiful little girls. They are madly in love with their daughters and I just adore their little family so much!

This was a wedding I had been looking forward to for so long and they didn’t disappoint!

stlouis wedding photography01

Seeing each other for the first time…
stlouis wedding photography02
stlouis wedding photography03
stlouis wedding photography04
Classic George behavior…the double thumb’s up!
stlouis wedding photography05
stlouis wedding photography06
stlouis wedding photography07
Summer had one request and I think these girls did a pretty good job of acting for this shot!
stlouis wedding photography08
You be the judge…
stlouis wedding photography09
stlouis wedding photography10
stlouis wedding photography11
stlouis wedding photography12
Definitely one of my favorites
stlouis wedding photography13
stlouis wedding photography14
stlouis wedding photography15
stlouis wedding photography16
stlouis wedding photography17
Peyton walking to the ceremony site with her Mama
stlouis wedding photography18
Peyton walked right down the aisle to her Daddy where he stole a quick kiss. This totally melts my heart


stlouis wedding photography20
stlouis wedding photography19
Summer and George wrote their own vows and had me in tears behind my camera. I loved how they were so candid and sounded exactly like themselves in the words they wrote eachother. Moments like this makes me fall in love with weddings all over again
stlouis wedding photography21
stlouis wedding photography22

A great shot by my talented husband, Tommy
stlouis wedding photography24
stlouis wedding photography25

This sweet family danced to a song together which ended up with all four of them sitting on the floor. I love these next two shots. They are such a beautiful, loving family!


stlouis wedding photography26
stlouis wedding photography27
stlouis wedding photography28
stlouis wedding photography30
stlouis wedding photography29

We couldn’t adore the four of you more if we tried. Your family is so special to me and I was thrilled to be a small part of such a beautiful day. Much love to Summer, George, Peyton and Maddy!





And of course…more outtakes from the day!
behind the scenes-51

Quick prayer before the ceremony, perhaps?

behind the scenes-53
behind the scenes-54
behind the scenes-55
behind the scenes-58

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