Trisha + Adam | Expecting

This is a very special post for me to write. See, I’m going to be an Aunt again to a very sweet, very special little girl. She is the result of the love between my two best friends. Seeing your friend at the most beautiful moment in her life is special in a way I can’t really put into words. The excitement for this child and the love that is already growing by the day for her by so many people is profound. My first gift to this baby girl is photos of her excited Mommy and Daddy waiting for her arrival. It might not be a gift to her for another few years, but when she is old enough to know what the photos mean and how she was so adored and so loved, it’s going to be a special moment Trisha and Adam can share with their baby.  

Baby G, I already adore you because I know you are going to have your mother’s kind and giving heart and your daddy’s sweet demeanor. Like everyone, I cannot wait to meet you and get to know your personality.  You are such a lucky lady to have such amazing parents (and big brother RT)!


Auntie Lyns

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