Turner Matthew | Children [3 months old]

I’m sure you’ll recognize three of the people in the photos from so many past blog posts but there is a new little guy making the blog’s grand entrance…Turner Matthew. These four are my framily….friends that are our family. Their babies call me Aunt Lyns, we attend family functions and our children will be in their teens before they realize we’re not actually blood related. When I was getting this post together, I realized that I took Turner’s newborn photos while my website and blog were being remodeled and never actually blogged them! This boy is so laid back and full of smiles. I just adore these boys mainly because of how important their parents are to me. They are already spoiling my baby before it makes its debut (in about two months).

Sit back and enjoy this cute family celebrating the baby’s three month milestone!



Auntie  Lyns

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