Welcome to my photography blog! I am Lynsey Tedesco and here’s my story, in a nutshell:

1. I have two loving parents.
2. Two protective brothers. One beautiful sister. And two handsome nephews (age 5 and 1.5)
3. A supportive and caring husband. A sweet, adorable dog.
4. A really big group of friends who have loved and supported me throughout my life.

Knowing the 4 above facts about me, is crucial to understanding the decision I made just 5 days ago. Keep reading…

At age 8, my dad handed me a camera and three rolls of film and told me to walk around the neighborhood, find some things that interested me and photograph them. Five days later when we got the film back, I was hooked. I was in love. Since then I’ve been taking my love of the art and playing with it. Slowly I started having people contact me and ask to take their photos. It became a hobby I was passionate about.

In college, I couldn’t decide what to major in. I took an accounting class and turns out it came really naturally to me and I did really well with it. That’s it. Accounting would be my major. Funny thing is, there weren’t too many people in the accounting program who also took art classes. Anyway, I kept on and graduated with my degree in accounting in 3 1/2 years and immediately started a career at the fastest growing CPA firm in the St. Louis area. Life was good.

About 3 month into my job, I felt like something wasn’t right. Like I was not doing what I was meant to do in life. I kept on and probably had the lowest two years. I felt like everyday I was going to work and not doing what I was meant to do. Fast forward two years, I quit my job. Well, this actually happened 5 days ago. I quit. Just like that. I got a part time job, just to have somewhat of a stable income (aside from my hardworking, amazing husband’s job) and I would follow my dreams of becoming a great photographer.

See the problem with my career in public accounting as an auditor was, I never felt great. I never felt like I was 100% happy with my choice. And that resulted in a lot of bad self doubting feelings I put on myself. From here on, I decided to be happy, do what I love and take chances. So this is me taking a chance. A chance to be great at something I’m head over heels in love with.

This blog is meant to document my journey and be a journal of images through my life starting my own business and my journey to be great. I hope you stick with me and enjoy this ride I’m starting on. It’s going to be rough at times but I know that will not outweigh the great things to come!

Lynsey Tedesco

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